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Car Come Alive!

Hey everyone I am doing something but need to know if the ez-robot controller can handle it? I found a PT Cruiser and bought. Well I got It home and saw the robot I built. Then I got the idea to put it in my car. With an extra small tower computer and the ez-robot I was wondering If I could create my on version of the Knight rider car? With some help from you all maybe it might work. Please let me know all of your opions to this idea.


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United Kingdom
How far do you plan to take it? KITT could drive by himself, now that would be pretty awesome...
Yea that would be. But I don't think this one could. This car is a standard. So it might be a little hard. Unless there is a way to do it.
I would like to be able to have it steer,start the car,also give it a voice. Now I know they sell remote control kits for cars. To where you can drive it by remote. I the ARC controller could use that to drive it then man this would be cool.