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Resolved Resolved by CardboardHacker!

Cannot Upgrade Old Version To 2017-09-02 Version

I try to download the latest version of 2017-02-09.00 and it says that it cannot be installed on systems with a .NET framework version lower than 4.6.1.
I'm not sure what that means...

I am running on a laptop with Windows 7 with 4GB of RAM 32 bit

Bob Jaconetti *confused*


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.net framework is a Microsoft product which programs use. In your case you are running an old version of it, and ARC is not auto updating it.

Google ".net framework" and find a download for the latest version off microsofts website.

Once done, install the updated ARC.
Thanks Cardboard Hacker and the quick link by Humanoido.

It worked like a charm!