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Cannot Connect To Camera

What EZ-Robot or product are you using?

Developer Kit

Is the battery on the robot fully charged?


Does the robot make a startup sound when powered on?


What color is the light on the EZ-B v4 and is it flashing or steady?

Flashing blue

Are you connecting the device to the WiFi network of the EZ-B v4 by following the video instructions on this page?


What error message is displayed in the status window at the bottom of ARC? Press the COPY button on the status window and paste the contents in the forum post.

Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 320x240 EZ-B v4 Camera Error: System.Exception: Client disconnected at EZ_B.EZBv4Video.zTXABOjcrh(Int32 , Object ) Camera Disabled

If an error appears, some devices take up to 1 minute to detect the ezb - wait 5-10 seconds and press connect again.

No luck.

If a connection still does not occur, are you certain your device is connected to the EZ-B v4 via Wi-Fi?


Have you double checked the wire connections to the EZ-B v4 using the very helpful learn section on our website?

Yes (No black wires on camera only white)

Reset the EZ-B and repeat this procedure if you are still experiencing issues.

Yes, several times

When resetting, does EZ-B speak introduction message as in the video?


If still unable to connect, inquire on the Community Forum and paste answers to these above questions. Also, provide what device is being used to connect to the EZ-Robot? (model/operating system) eg Windows 8/Samsung Note 3/Android, iPhone 6, etc

Windows 10 desktop with WIFI dongle and I have disabled my anti-virus software


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Thanks for answering the questions - that helps a lot. I'm leaning toward a defective camera, which can be replaced using Contact Us. Can you verify the camera has lights on it? And do the lights cycle colors when the power is applied?


Yes, the lights to cycle when the power is applied but no lights are on after that. Update I get a flash of red light when it tries to connect.


Yeah - sounds like a defective camera. Use the Contact Us and we'll get you fixed up!


Great, thanks!