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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Can't Save Mobile Interface To Synthiam

I created a User Interface to control my robot via the ARC Mobile app.  I tried to save it to the Synthiam site so I can access it but it keeps failing with the error: Server was unable to process the request. .....>This operation is not supported.

Is there another way to get the mobile user interface on to the ARC Mobile app on my phone? Or is there a server issue stopping the upload?

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We'll look into that right away - Stay tuned. I'll see what I can do
Try it now - it looks like there was a minor issue with a regional server that you were hitting. Restarted, and it seems to be good to go.

On a note about ensuring you have a great experience with ARC, I noticed many errors from your diagnostic log. Specifically, ARC does not seem to have access to the following folder...


2021/11/27 14:02:40 -07:00[no filename]Error downloading available plugin list. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\ARC\AvailablePluginsList.txt' is denied.

Not sure how that could happen. Do you have more than one copy of ARC running, and perhaps one is locking the folder? Or have you modified the permissions of folders?
I was able to upload the file correctly now, thanks for the help!

I will look into the access for those folders, I was running ARC on a laptop and the mobile device, nothing else.