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Can't Get Upgrade To Load In My Netbook

I am unable to load the latest EZ Builder in my netbook. It begins to install then cancels and I get the following message:

"EZ-Builder cannot be installed on systems with .NET Framework versions lower than 4.6.1."

Can anyone tell me how do I fix this?



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@Richard R

not fair you're in Canada ...

you too Brutus:)



you too Brutus Smile

Jut happened to finish one task and decide to take a short break before the next one at just the right time.

@ptp.... Well I would move to California if the US would let me immigrate.... But apparently they don't like my kind...:D President Trump is going to build another wall on the Canadian/US boarder to keep us Canucks out anyway...:D
I'll sponsor you for US citizenship if you sponsor me and my wife for Canadian..... (not sure that would work...). My Dad became a Canadian citizen, but he passed in 2009 (Actually lived near you, in Waterloo).


small world, My wife study in Waterloo and lived in Kitchener for a few months .
@Alan.... I just want the warm weather LOL... Lots of tech companies in the Waterloo area so you wouldn't have any problem finding a job here... If you're trying to escape Trump it won't help being in Canada... Not to let this sink into a political discussion but personally I have nothing against Trump... If he does what he says he's going to do (put America back to work) then that's good for Canada... I own some stock in a few large Canadian companies that will do very well when the US economy does well...
@ptp.... I live just outside of Kitchener... I used to live in Toronto but couldn't stand the congestion and the rat race so I moved out here near Kitchener about 10 years ago for a more quiet life...:)
Last time I got into a political discussion on this forum I lost a couple friends. Lesson learned. *tired*
Richard, I use ARC on one of my robots that's an atom processor on a laptop from 2010. It runs decent and very usable. The latest .Net 4.6.1 framework has performance enhancements as well. It's a great upgrade.

The most important enhancement of the latest .net upgrade in ARC is for windows 10 resolution/dpi support.
Ok, but my Dell latitude 2110 netbook running Atom N470 processor just grinds to a halt when trying to run most of my ARC projects.... Sometimes they won't even load...

***Edit*** It is Running Windows 7 however...
LOL .... I never knew this discussion was going to be blamed on Trump and DJ had to step in to defend my issue... LOL, I hope Richard R doesn't jump the wall and Alan has to bail him out. @ ptp stay warm! My visits to Rexdale were fun back in the days.

Dave, B9 and I are going to stay out of the discussion. I will do what is advised.

Thanks to all !
Windows 7?! Upgrade man!:) that's a discontinued operating system:D
@DJ Too late for the free Win10 upgrade... anyway if I remember (haven't used it for a while) there was some reason why it wouldn't upgrade when it was free... Can't remember what the reason was for the life of me...
I only run the Fortune teller with it. It sits in the cabinet in a barn. I don't even think Win 10 will load in it. It is an old Dell 10" netbook.

It may become mouse food someday so I don't want to put any more effort in it than I need to. I may swap the B-4 for a IO Tiny some day so I want to keep the software current.

I got the .NET and ARC loaded and running. All is working.

Thanks for the help.

NewAgeTomy - the version information from our server wasn't updated with the release last night. It'll be fine for you now:)
Hi DJ thanks for letting me know and appreciate the reply.:)