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Can't Get Enough Robots

Hi all, I just can't seem to get enough robots. I have one that sorta finished (need to fix an arm and work on the programming), 2 that are almost finished, One that was finished but torn apart a week later to upgrade, and now I am already thinking about my next one. My big robot not made from a toy. I just can't seem to stay on one long enough to get it completely finished.

I must have RADD (Robotic Attention Deficit Disorder).


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Brett, I think most of us suffer to some degree or another of the same disorder:) All construction is valuable for experiance to solve problems. I stay focused on my project F.R.E.D because I want it to have tons of personality much like a pet dog, otherwise it becomes a toy (and thats ok too) which can be relegated to the toy box. All the well know robots have great personalitys which we all love. From B-9 to R2D2 to Jarvis, thats the kind of robot I want/building.
Couldn't agree more. I want to build a real robot from scratch with uber personality. I'm thinking of calling him Rusty.
Or ...the Tin Man! Rivot some pieces of cheap galvanized flashing ...hmmm thats got ME thinking now:)

Nah, Rusty is cool too:)
I mostly like building robots from scratch and not using toys, i think i made 6 or 7

But using toys to make robots is easy and fun too,but many changes to it to make it different.
Also love the heading cant get enough robots thats me,with over 120 robots now i am still looking to buy many more.

May be i am part robot.