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Can We Use Our Wii U Gamepad For Anything?


We just ordered an Ar Parrot Drone so we're excited to connect it to ARC software and begin programming it, but we're wondering if it's possible to also connect our wii u GamePad to ARC so we can view the video feed on the GamePad LCD.

Our Wii U has been collecting dust since we got the PS4, the only part of wii u that's cool is the GamePad so we're trying to find something to do with it.

Any thoughts?


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I've researched that before and it's too much work for Windows - the "hack" is for Linux only due to the openness of the operating system.
I wouldn't mind running Linux while using the Gamepad :-) I have dual boot on one of my laptops running Ubuntu.
There are no plans for an ARC to run on Linux, sorry.
Understood, thanks for answering the questions. I appreciate it :-)