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Can I Visit Ez-Robot In Calagary?

I am just wondering if i can make an appointment to visit EZ-Robot? I am not getting responds from the phone, email, or the forum. I am thinking if there are a more efficient waywsto establish some sort of communication with EZ-Robot?


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Do you live in Calgary or do you intend to visit us from somewhere else? We are still a small company and right now is a crucial time in delivering this product to market so we apologize if we've missed your communication. When were you thinking of visiting? I can't make any promises as to our availability to give you a proper tour however.


I live in vancouver, I am thinking if I can visit EZ-robot and also disscuss some business related issues if you will have me.


Email me directly at so I can get an idea of what your business is about. I am the Business Development & Sales Coordinator at ezrobot.


Thank you for the feedback on having trouble communicating with us. I will forward this message to the persons responsible for communication and have this cleared up. thanks again!

Thanks for picking this up Jake:)


Hey @doitdoit ! I also just sent you an email, so let Jake or I know and we can get you the information you need. :)


Thank you guys for responding, I really apperciated it.