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Can I Turn A Hex Bug Into A Better Bot?

hello i wanted to know if i could get a hexbug from walmart and make it a better bot anyone know? *confused*


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I am purdy sure that the hex bugs are mostly built on mechanical mechanisms. As they run off of one motor and the construction of the design does the rest of the actions that make it move. But in all aspect you can hack anything you would like or perhaps scavange some ideas and parts toward building your own design.
k ill post my robot once i come up with a robot im gonna make a large version
There was a project a while back on how to turn that bug into a very nice robot. I don't remember where i saw it. But, look for it with Google. I will look for it. I will be right back . . . . . .

Look in Google for Hacking the Hex Bug. You will find more that these:

Copy the URL links below by doing CTRL-C and then Paste them into your address bar by doing a CTRL-V.





If these work with the hexbug, I am sure that EAB will.

Have fun!

Robot Dude, where are you. I answered your question.
thanks dude i realy appriciate it good luck with your bots!:)