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Can I Put A Ez-B V3 On My Roboquad Or A Different Microprocessor?

I have a old WowWee Roboquad that I really want to mod. I was wondering if I can put a EZ-B V4 on it and flash a EZ-B V3 firmware to if? And if i can't is there a different microprocessor like an Arduino or something that I could flash a EZ-B V3 firmware to? Please help.


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You're out of luck unless you can find an EZB(3) for sale somewhere.
@Robot-Doc So its not possible to take a arduino board and put a code on it or even make my own for the roboquad?
@WhopperMods, no it's not possible. The arduino is a programmable micro control. The EZb is a robot controller and the code and firmware are in no way compatible with an arduino.
@JustinRatliff Damn I just didn't want to have to code and I had a arduino left over from when I made a automated rc car. But it looks like i am going to have to code a stupid code for this project.