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Can I Make A Robot Where The Lower Body Is The Legs Of The Revolution Six And Th

I am doing a Final Year Project. I was assigned to give ezrobot the moves. I have discovered all the ezrobots that you have, such as the JD, Six & Roli. I have even seen in one of your videos that a young boy combined the bodies of JD & Roli into one robot. With that inspiration in mind, I am thinking of combining the legs from the Revolution Six & the head, hand and body from the JD, so that it looks like a "Human Spider"(See the design section in the uploaded EZB file).

So, I just want to know is it possible to connect like that? If not, what are the possible ways of making the robot like that?FYPHumanSpideySentinel.EZB


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Yes you can connect it like that... almost. You would need the dome on top of the Six as where you have it connecting is the space for the Six EZ-B.

Both the Six and the JD will have batteries in and have a place for an EZ-B. You could run it off of two EZ-Bs or just the one.

You may need some extension blocks to fit the JD body to the Six dome though. If I get chance I will take a look at what's needed to combine the two robots however I have a busy weekend planned so can't promise it'll be this week.


Hi Rich,

Thank you for the reply. I'll put the dome & then, I'll first try with one EZ-B circuit to see how long it lasts. If not possible, I'll try with 2 EZ-B.