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Can I Make A Robot To Send A Sms To My Mobile By Scanning A Qr Code?

I use this website, https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ to make my own qr codes so that the robot can do things like taking me to website on my computer or sending a sms to my phone. So far in the EZ-Builder, I have only discovered that the robot can only take me to website via QR code.

I want to try another innovative thing: send sms to my mobile by scanning qr code but I m unable to find the EZ-Script code for that. Is there any code for that or the robot does not have the ability?

Please respond ASAP. Its my Final Year Project. Thanks in advance.


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United Kingdom
If you can find an API of a third party service which will send an SMS then sure you can however you will need that third party service.

If it only needs to notify your phone you could use push messages and notify my android, I wrote a tutorial on how to use NMA with EZ-Script a while back.

You can use the same principals involved for any API you come across be it SMS, email, push messaging, whatever.

Also, QR codes can be generated within ARC.
United Kingdom
In that case, follow what I posted in post #3 and you should achieve your goal.
But Rich, I want something that is compatible for all devices, not just Android.
United Kingdom
The method is the same just change the API to something more suited. There are many out there, sms will probably depend on your country. Google is your friend for finding an appropriate API.

Then use the API guidance and adjust the NMA scripts to suit the new API.

Here's one example of an API.

Or Google It