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Can I Get Data From A Webpage?

I would lie to be able to read sensor information hosted by webserver.

I have multiple Arduino sensors that use ESP8266 as web server. I want EZ Robot to read and I can parse out information or the ability to read this and say out loud.

Example using my InMoov ... I say get outside Temperature and InMoov reads the web page hosted by ESP 8266 and says the web page, like the temperature is 70 degrees. Or if I can bring data from these sensors, and base some logic against the data. Like if colder than 32 degrees have InMoov say the it is below freezing. I tried the browser control but that just pops a web page.

Ideas or impossible.



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If the web page is simple enough that you can parse the return data (sounds like your example is perfect) you can use the httpGet script command.