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Can I Change Notepad Window Names?

I love the fact that you can change the names of the individual controls via the properties. Can you do the same for the NotePad windows? I don't see the option


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Unless someone knows if it can be done from inside the ARC file then the answer is no. tired


asfaik: No ARC option.

The alternative:

  1. Backup the project file, if somethings goes wrong you have the backup.

  2. Open the project file with Windows Notepad.

  3. Use Menu Edit > Replace... Find what: <Title>Notepad</Title> Replace with: <Title>My custom name</Title>

Replacing 3 notepads:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Note 1: The project file is a Xml document: 1.1) xml tags e.g. Title are case sensitive, preserve the original case 1.2) xml tags are closed with "/", don't forget </Title> closes the <Title>

Note 2: Use only letters, numbers, underscore and space between <Title></Title>

Note 3: ARC uses the control name i.e. text between the <Title></Title> to identify the control. Keep each control i.e. Notepad with an unique name.