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Can Ezb Read Pwm Values Like The Echo Pin On A Sonar

I guess this is another question for the great DJ
I very common TSOP4840 IR receiver and output is PWM and need read the value
and there is 4 of them i am using.
so looking at the ECHO PIN can it work and any script for it

Also the trigger pin on sonar i want to pulse the IR transmitter using PWM control in the interface you have for it
I know others looking at the same idea for low cost home base docking


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United Kingdom
From the EZ-Script manual


GetPWM (digitalPort)
Gets the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) of specified port
PWM is between 0 and 100
Example: $x = GetPWM(D14)
wow GREAT i need to try it,might be a low cost idea for beacon design