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Can Ezb Be Connected To A Network Port

Instead of wireless (wifi)
Main reason is to access to updates as needed,and not connected to internet all the time,i want my robot to run by its self without any help from the outside world,like romote deskktop ,or IPAD controller or game controllers

I also got a very good deal on 5 windows 7 ,i am looking to strip down with RT7
and looking to use them on my robots besides the stripped down windows XP


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United Kingdom
Could you add a second wifi card/dongle to the mobo and just have it for ezb connection? Basically from PC to EZB and vice versa but nothing else connected?

Why are you thinking of choosing a network port over connection via USB?

Or, if it's internet connection which is what you want to stop, this can be blocked by a lot of routers, fixed IP for the robot wifi and block internet to it.
I know about fixed ip and to block it and MAC addressing also,there many boards that have TTL-nework port
JUST another idea looking to see if it can be done
i think it should work with the virtual serial port program i found thats free and posted on EZB
Using a second WIFI dongle ,not a great idea,direct connection to pc is better
Another point on using network port over usb ,can free up a usb port might be needed for something else

also can network a lot of EZB TOGETHER on other projects ,like linking my freshwater ,saltwater tanks and my gecko tank all together using a simple line without WIFI
Another program i use in my setup is a LINUX based router modified by me and using a free software called DD-WRT
United Kingdom
I was only putting suggestions out there in case you hadn't thought of them but I generally agree with what you have said. I haven't seen a wired network module and it is something I've been looking at (not wired specifically but all methods) as my bluetooth doesn't pick up the whole house. The ARC software can still be networked whichever method is used, and if the USB port is needed for something else it's nothing a small hub can't fix. Or maybe an RS232 module?

PS DD-WRT is great firmware, personally I used Tomato on my old router but there is very little difference (Tomato is easier for QOS but that is all).
rs232 network board
i found this on ebay and there are more of them,but this is the cheapest $27 including shipping.
i ordered 2 for now and does work with virtual serial post ,just like the WIFI board
LOOKING to get it in a few weeks (china) to do testing,it should work perfect

I guess i answer my own question on this topic,from a little research with out the need of my software and network expert i know

On using USB not good for long runs like ethernet can.

And usb hubs do take up space on small robots too,mostly hard to find very short usb cables is the problem.
i found something very cool on my wifi board i got from china you can use wired network ,with a simple adapter board
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