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Can Ez Robot Be Made Into An App

Alot of people would like to make there phones and mobile devices control there robot. This would be a popular demand. Most people don't want to carry there computer. All mobile devices have Bluetooth. So would this be possible? If so what program would we have to create this in?


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I have no doubt DJ is working on this right now. There is no reason why even current phones using windows based OS couldn't run the EZ-b.
You can definitely run ARC on a windows based device. We often use an Acer tablet when we take robots out to play rather than grabbing a laptop:) Not only are they portable and light, they also let you play with the touch controls integrated in ARC!

As for other mobile devices... all in time! DJ is busy working on some exciting projects that will only further the ability to make your robotic dreams come true.

By the way my name is Alan! I work closely with DJ and have not been introduced to many of you yet... but you will all start seeing me on here more often in order to free up some development time for DJ!
okay how do you run it with the acer tablet? I have one but dont know how to setup the tablet to do so. Also i have a window phone 7.5. it can find the ez-b but cant link to it. It always tells me that it is not compatible with that device. Any help would be great. i am building my robot out of a cb radio. It was something me and my sisters thought would be cool and that no one else had thought of. Any ideas on how to power the cb radio and the ez-b with any type of battery pack. Thankyou for all of your help and ideas. By the why my name is Josh.
their are mini computers out there, acer one mini laptops and micro sized computers we see all the time. I myself just bought a 6 in by 6 inch mini computer and installed it in the bot and I can control it remotly through my phone. it will eventually have a dedicated app but phones and other mobile devices like ipad are not fast enough to do things like visual tracking, web cam,k telepresence, voice recognition and all the other goodies.
United Kingdom
Hi Alan great to see you on here
I've done a design mod to "Bob" so I can plant a 7 inch touch pad to his chest and run him through that.I'll just have it on with valcro for easy removal when needed.
I think there is huge potential for touch pads with Robots - they are now cheap but powerful computing, they are light, can run windows and give some brain ownership to the robot itself.
Haz, I agree that is why I decided on putting the mini itx in. I didn't want to carry a computer around. I am not sure any of the tablets would be able to process fast enough.

Hi Alan - I think we met at Makers Faire.