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Can A Kinect Be Connected To The Ez-B ?

This video gives an incredible insight into what potential the EZ-B could have - but is it possible ? Click To Watch Video

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Search button is your friend. (in robot voice)


I just love these sa responses..thank you ob1canoby


There isn't direct support yet - but it's in the works.

The challenge with Kinect is there are two versions. The PC Version, which is more expensive and fully compatible with the SDK and can be used in commercial products. The other XBox Kinect is not compatible with the official Microsoft SDK and cannot be distributed in commercial products and can only be used in a private one-time personal use.

We've received thousands of emails asking for Kinect support, and had conversations with Microsoft - but they have been slow in response.


I hope Microsoft can help communicate and get this through. This would be awesome!


Please DJ, do your very best to convince Microsoft ! This would be a very interesting item to add to the SDK. We all count on you !