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Camera Wont Connect To ARC

The camera we received with the Revolution Six robot won't connect to ARC. When we connect the camera to the robot, a blue light comes on in the camera module for a few seconds then turns off. When we try to connect it to ARC, it says it is connecting. Then after a few seconds, it says it disconnected but there was never any image or video feed from the camera. We opened up the camera and nothing seems to be damaged so I guessing that is a connection issue. We have been trying to find tutorials and forum feeds that might help us but we haven't found anything useful. If you could help us figure out how to get the camera to work then thank you.

This is the message we receive when we try to connect to the camera:

EZB 0: EZB 1: EZB 2: EZB 3: EZB 4: Object Recognition Initialized. Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 640x480 Object Recognition loaded. EZ-B v4 Camera Error: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.EndConnect(IAsyncResult asyncResult) at System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient.EndConnect(IAsyncResult asyncResult) at EZ_B.EZBv4Video.yFoSW9Rbdp(Int32 , Object ) Camera Disabled

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Is your EZ-B in AP or Client mode? The error message looks like you may be in client mode and haven't changed the IP address of the camera connection to match the IP address of your EZ-B (in which case is likely your router, which would be refusing the connection).



My EZ-B is already in AP mode. It still refuses to connect.


Can you connect to the EZ-B and control the Revolution Six robot?

If you can connect to the EZ-B, but not the camera - and you're certain you have the correct IP Address, then copy and paste the URL of this topic and contact us. Use the warranty contact type.


Ok. Thank you. We can connect to the EZ-B no problem. Its just the camera that is given us problems.


James from Customer Support will help you get up and running!:)


Thank you so much for your help :)


My son is having the exact same problem. Ithe has been awhile since this post was made, is it something he can do from here to fix it?

He copied/pasted as earlier suggested, we just weren't sure if it has been found that there is something we can do ourselves. He just put it together yesterday and my husband looked at other as well.