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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Camera Uwp/Wpf

We are trying to get a video stream of the Roli's camera in the "Capture Element" which is like a display panel.

My question is if there is anyway we can find the robot's camera as a device.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime;
using Windows.Foundation;
using Windows.Foundation.Collections;
using Windows.UI.Xaml;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Primitives;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Data;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Input;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Media;
using Windows.UI.Xaml.Navigation;
using Windows.Media.Capture;
using Windows.Storage;
using Windows.Devices.Enumeration;

using System.Threading.Tasks; // Used to implement asynchronous methods

using Windows.Devices.Sensors; // Orientation sensor is used to rotate the camera preview
using Windows.Graphics.Display; // Used to determine the display orientation
using Windows.Graphics.Imaging; // Used for encoding captured images
using Windows.Media; // Provides SystemMediaTransportControls

using Windows.Media.MediaProperties; // Used for photo and video encoding

using Windows.Storage.FileProperties; // Used for image file encoding
using Windows.Storage.Streams; // General file I/O
using Windows.System.Display; // Used to keep the screen awake during preview and capture
using Windows.UI.Core; // Used for updating UI from within async operations
using System.Diagnostics;

// The Blank Page item template is documented at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=402352&clcid=0x409

namespace EZ_B

/// An empty page that can be used on its own or navigated to within a Frame.
public sealed partial class MainPage : Page

EZB _ezb;
EZBv4Video video;
MediaCapture _mediaCapture;

bool _isInitialized;
bool _isPreviewing;
bool _isRecording;
bool _externalCamera;
bool _mirroringPreview;

private readonly DisplayRequest _displayRequest = new DisplayRequest();
private readonly DisplayInformation _displayInformation = DisplayInformation.GetForCurrentView();
private DisplayOrientations _displayOrientation = DisplayOrientations.Portrait;

private readonly SimpleOrientationSensor _orientationSensor = SimpleOrientationSensor.GetDefault();
private SimpleOrientation _deviceOrientation = SimpleOrientation.NotRotated;

private static readonly Guid RotationKey = new Guid("C380465D-2271-428C-9B83-ECEA3B4A85C1");

bool flag;

public MainPage()


//ASYNC IS REALLY IMPORTANT//////////////////
private async void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

if ((Button)sender == inputButton)
_ezb = new EZB();
flag = true;

//AWAIT IS REALLY IMPORTANT//////////////////
await _ezb.Connect("");

if (!_ezb.IsConnected)
greetingOutput.Text = "NOT CONNECTED!";


if (_ezb.IsConnected)
greetingOutput.Text = "CONNECTED!";
MusicSynth m = new MusicSynth(_ezb);
m.PlayNote(MusicSynth.NotesEnum.C1, 1000);

//CameraCaptureUI ui = new CameraCaptureUI();

video = new EZBv4Video();
await video.Start(_ezb, "", 23);

await InitializeCameraAsync();



private async Task InitializeCameraAsync()

if (_mediaCapture == null)

// Get available devices for capturing pictures
var allVideoDevices = await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(DeviceClass.VideoCapture);

// Get the desired camera by panel
DeviceInformation cameraDevice =
allVideoDevices.FirstOrDefault(x => x.EnclosureLocation != null &&
x.EnclosureLocation.Panel == Windows.Devices.Enumeration.Panel.Back);

// If there is no camera on the specified panel, get any camera
cameraDevice = cameraDevice ? allVideoDevices.FirstOrDefault();

if (cameraDevice == null)
greetingOutput.Text = "No camera device found.";

// Create MediaCapture and its settings
_mediaCapture = new MediaCapture();

// Register for a notification when video recording has reached the maximum time and when something goes wrong
//_mediaCapture.RecordLimitationExceeded += MediaCapture_RecordLimitationExceeded;

var mediaInitSettings = new MediaCaptureInitializationSettings { VideoDeviceId = cameraDevice.Id };

// Initialize MediaCapture
await _mediaCapture.InitializeAsync(mediaInitSettings);
_isInitialized = true;
catch (UnauthorizedAccessException)
greetingOutput.Text = "The app was denied access to the camera";
catch (Exception ex)
Debug.WriteLine("Exception when initializing MediaCapture with {0}: {1}", cameraDevice.Id, ex.ToString());

// If initialization succeeded, start the preview
if (_isInitialized)
// Figure out where the camera is located
if (cameraDevice.EnclosureLocation == null || cameraDevice.EnclosureLocation.Panel == Windows.Devices.Enumeration.Panel.Unknown)
// No information on the location of the camera, assume it's an external camera, not integrated on the device
_externalCamera = true;
// Camera is fixed on the device
_externalCamera = false;

// Only mirror the preview if the camera is on the front panel
_mirroringPreview = (cameraDevice.EnclosureLocation.Panel == Windows.Devices.Enumeration.Panel.Front);

await StartPreviewAsync();


private async Task StartPreviewAsync()
// Prevent the device from sleeping while the preview is running

// Set the preview source in the UI and mirror it if necessary
PreviewControl.Source = _mediaCapture;
PreviewControl.FlowDirection = _mirroringPreview ? FlowDirection.RightToLeft : FlowDirection.LeftToRight;

// Start the preview
await _mediaCapture.StartPreviewAsync();
_isPreviewing = true;
catch (Exception ex)
Debug.WriteLine("Exception when starting the preview: {0}", ex.ToString());

// Initialize the preview to the current orientation
//if (_isPreviewing)
// await SetPreviewRotationAsync();



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I am confused on when the camera actually starts.
The camera starts when you execute the method _camera.Start();

The issue is going to be clear once you follow my directions. Please review my previous response.
The event "OnImageDataReady" was never raised. The breakpoint inside the event handler was never even reached.

There was no printed error as well.
You're obviously not connected to the camera. Step through the code and see where it's not happening:)
Thank you. We finally got it working.
I knew you would:D Congrats!