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Camera Software

I just picked up a small laptop cheap. It does not have a CD drive to load the EZ-Robot camera drivers on to it that came with the kit. Is there somewhere I can download this software from. Forgive me for asking so many questions in the begining, I hope to be able to give instructions to other newbies one day.


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My Win 7 machine had appropriate drivers built-in or found em online by itself, just plug it in.
My XP machine had a driver aswell, but the video would take a snapshot then freeze... I found the drivers on the disc to be 6yrs newer then my XP, so then I installed the disc & everything is peachy.

If it is an XP machine (rare yes, but a few refurbs still come with XP), I can email you the drivers from my disc.
Hey thanks, yep I do have a windows 7 system and the web cam is great but I want to use the one that came with the kit.
I am talking about the EZ-Robot Camera that came with the kit! Just plug the little receiver stick in, Windows 7 already has the drivers builtin.