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Camera Question (No Processed Video)

Hey guys,

My camera works in "Realtime Video" mode but gives me a black screen when I switch to "Processed Video" ?

I'm trying to enable facial and motion tracking, and can't seem to make any of it work. I have the video signal, now what (lol)

Any suggestions/resources would be greatly appreciated :)


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Do you have any messages in the debug window?


Wait... I think I figured it out (the problem, and what the debug window is!)

User-inserted image

That's what I get for using an old laptop. Time to switch computers.


Try upgrading to a more recent version of ARC also. There is a check each time you load the software :)


Better computer, camera and features working perfectly.

Thanks for the help DJ!


Anytime! Glad it worked out:D . Makes me happy when things do!


Hello, I have the same problem with pocessed video (is black) and i use recent version the ARC with Windows Vista with 2 G.


@Clode, do you have any messages in the debug window?


Out of memory error in debug window :-(

What the minimum memory to run properly ? I have 2 Gigabyte memory ram.

Thanks :-)


You will need 4gb of ram ideally. It "will" run with 2 but you will need to not run any other programs and optimize your system. You will need to remove all programs that "start on windows startup".


Ok thanks DJ... I think the best solution is a new computer or not using the camera for the moment !


What speed is your computer? You can buy ram for very cheap at one of your local computer places. Just avoid futureshop, etc :)

I live down the street from Memory Express in Calgary - it's kind the best option around here


AMD Dual Core 2.30 GHz with Windows Vista, I'll check the price for memory ram but the computer has several years !


me too i have the same problem. system.outofmemoryexception ... i am using a vaio laptop running on vista with 2GB of RAM. Hope someone can troubleshoot this without me having to replace this laptop.

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Vista is a horrible OS backed up by the fact it wasn't around for long and near immediately became unsupported. Upgrade to Win 7 starter (takes less system resources) or Win 8 - both, with the latest updates will show a performance increase and increase battery time.

Only install the applications you intend to use. If it's dedicated to the robot then only install ARC.

My HP DV9000 Laptop which come with Windows Vista, has 2Gb RAM, 2.00GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 CPU now running Windows 8 with no hardware upgrades runs ARC perfectly, including video processing. When it was running Vista it had very poor performance.

Windows 8 upgrades are cheap. It does mean you have to get used to the new UI of Windows 8 but it's not too difficult and you will find it gives an unbelievable increase in performance.


Thanks Rich.! I suspect that VISTA is the problem in the first place, not the memory. U confirmed my hypothesis.


Really great info Rich! Thanks! I'm going to attempt the windows 7 starter route (optimized to just run ARC). If that doesn't work, it's time for a new laptop;) I'll update later.


Thanks Rich, I will do the same and install window 8 :-)


Rich. Windows 7 (starter) on a 7 yr old laptop (1.6 ghz/2 gigs ram) is running ARC like a charm. The video trouble I was having is all cleared up. Vista was indeed the problem!

I owe ya one!

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@clode - check the minimum specs for Windows 8. I'm unsure of them but older computers may have issues if it demands too much. If it's too high for your laptop try Win 7 starter. While it may cost a little more (however might not) it should work better than Windows 8.

@joy_actual - I'm pleased to hear it works, I had very little doubt that Vista was the issue after seeing 100% of the reports on no processed video/out of memory problems were running Vista but confirmation is great :).


Ok, I'll look for windows 7, thank you for your help :-)