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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by Chelsea!

Camera On Mobile App

I had to mount camera on it's side, rotate 90 degrees works fine on desktop but not when I use mobile app.
am I missing something? *confused*



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Hi @malc, did any of those suggestions from bot resolve the issue? Or are you still stuck?
United Kingdom
so I use tablet on it's side and rember button's are sideways.
Hi @Malc! So I was testing this out, and then happened to hit the trusty question mark beside the camera image dropdown and saw that the mobile support for the flip/rotate setting is just for RotatenoneFlipnone, Flip y, and Flip XY! What did I learn? Always check the question marks! ;)
...so to answer your question, no you are not missing anything, 90 degrees rotate is not supported for mobile.
United Kingdom
now I know.
malc *tired*