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Camera Heat-Sink Temp?

Hey folks, It's time for me to mount the EZ-B v4 camera to my project...

I've removed it from its housing as the housing is too large. I'm wondering just how warm the heat-sink gets with continuous use. I've not yet designed a housing for it, nor do I know if I will but either way, the heat-sink will almost certainly be in contact with the tablet frame.

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If the tablet frame is plastic/glass - you might be able to get away with adding some heat conductive silicon to the back of the chip so it conducts to the tablet.


The cover frame is plastic but underneath is metal. I could cut a hole in the cover frame and use the silicone. I'll just need to make sure the heat isn't transferred to the tablet's battery. I've never used heat-conductive silicone. Does it vulcanize/ set up or is it more like heat-sink compounds such as Arctic Ice? Thanks for the insight, DJ :)


Do thermally conductive interface pads have adhesive? I've removed several while repairing laptops and they seemed pretty sticky but was that just from heat/use?


Before you hack too much of the tablet apart - try it without heat sink. If that fails, try it with heat conductive to the plastic. Etc...


How will I know if it's overheating? Short of the plastic frame melting, I mean.


The camera will stop working until it has cooled down - once cooled down, it will start working again.


Excellent. Thanks DJ.


Hey DJ, do you happen to know what specific kind of adhesive you folks use to attach the [rare-earth] magnets inside the controller housing? It looks like epoxy but I'm curious if you know the brand.


It's a krazy glue type glue but a bulk version for manufacturing facilities.


I ended up using Gorilla Glue Epoxy. Rare-earth magnets to hold the controller to the back of the tablet (inside the head), the magnets on controller back, three on tablet back. Fingers crossed that it holds. Thanks DJ.