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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Camera Disables Any Suggestions?


Can someone please help out with suggestions?

I ordered the roli rover from robotshop.com and received it on Friday. The good news is that everything but the camera works in the AP mode. I have spent several hours going through tutorials and executing the suggestions in other community posts on this issue. When connected in the AP wifi mode, both blue LED lights, the one on the EZB4 and the one in the camera are on and non flashing. As soon as I try to use the camera, the camera gets disabled and the wifi signal gets disconnected between the computer (running the current version of windows 10) and the EZB4. The error log looks very similar to what others have posted when having issues with the camera being disable..... I can post that if it will help in the troubleshooting. The camera (maybe 1 out of 5 reboot tries) has come on briefly but then quickly gets disconnected. When I reconnect (as long as I don't try to use the camera) everything else works fine.

I have not opened the camera to check the internal connections as my understanding is that would void the warranty.

Not sure if it is a related issue, but when I try to run roli through my iPad, it connects but then almost immediately disconnects and hence so I haven't been able to use my iPad for controlling roli. I am suspecting there is an issue with the EZB4 or the camera or both. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Looking at your ARC log, it seems the ezrobot camera is timing out. I have a few questions

1) does the Roli operate correctly without the camera? Drives forward, reverse, turns, etc...

2) does the camera led flicker multiple colors when the power is switched on?

3) when the camera start button is pressed on ARC, does the camera led flicker a few times?

I’d like to diagnose if it’s a defective camera or defective ezb - I’m leaning toward it being a defective camera. Because it did work for a brief second or two, there’s a slight chance it is the cable connection inside the camera.

Otherwise, it’s a defective trace by the robots that build the circuit boards at the factory - good news, robots make mistakes to!
Hi DJ,

Thanks very much for your help. The answers are as follows:

1) yes, only the camera seems to be the problem

2) yes, the led flickers multiple colors when the power is switched on.

3). No, Nothing happens (no led flicker) when I hit the camera start button. In fact, to see anything from the camera I have to add it using the video device network discovery. When I follow these steps the camera comes on for a second and then the camera is disabled and the EZB4 wifi connection to the computer gets disconnected and I have to start all over.:)

BTW, despite the issue with the camera, I am really enjoying Roli. Awesome product.

Okay, thanks for the response. Contact Us and include a link to this thread to have the camera replaced under warranty.
New camera fixed the problem. It was interesting that I could not control the robot with a device like an iPad until the camera issue was fixed. This might be helpful for others to know that run into this issue.