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Calculate Temperature From ADC Input

I look everywhere,and even did a search and still nothing
are you able to find the post this time will copy the code
also MEL is wanting it too
would help me out very much using a standard temperature probe 10 k
need it in fahrenheit


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ok sorry.tried the search cant find using any name
Here's a refresher: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2337

The conversation was started of calculating a ping distance sensor into a unit of distance. You can apply that same math to calculate the temperature of an ADC port. Additionally, you can simply use the multiplier within the ADC Control to determine what the multiplier is.

Connect a temperature sensor to your ADC port, load the ADC Control, use a multiplier to convert the value into your desired unit. If the sensor is at room temperature of say 22 degrees celcuis, you simply figure out the multiplier until you get the right value. Easy peezy:)
thank you very much DJ,will save it as a text file the info