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C++ Programming

I notice that there is a C# forum and a Visual Basic forum, but not a C++ forum. Somewhere on the website I got the impression that C++ is supported for programming. This would be convenient for me. What is possible?

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The EZ-B SDK is .NET components. C# and VB.NET are the primary programming languages for .NET.

You could certainly utilize the components in C++, but I would not expect to find many people doing so or able to provide much guidance on the forum.

Most of the examples and usable advice is for C# with just a few people struggling along with VB.NET.

Hey Guys well i think that C++ is one of the most popular development languages and is applied on a wide range of components and operating systems.C++ is one of the recommended development languages to develop professional applications.Thanks!
The EZ-B SDK use visual basic, C++, C#, VB are all supported. I use C++ myself.
The VB SDK works perfect ! It's one of the most important benefits of the EZ-B platform. Very versatile and powerfull. Can't live without it.