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Button Placement On Servo Controls

I'll just quickly mention something here that "may" be related to the newest release (or has taken me this long to notice *blush* )... I don't have any of the earlier versions to test.

Re: vertical and horizontal servo controls... I just noticed, during some testing, that as I went to quickly click the release button on the horizontal I was instead hitting config... it seemed to me that I always used to hit the center button to "release" the servos, horizontal or vertical... Has something been altered? Hopefully not my memory:)

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I was really wondering if my memory was playing tricks... and it was! *eek*... I found an older release 2012.08.27 and the buttons where as I show in my original pic. I wonder how I managed back then?

Ahhh... but now in 2012.09.16 it is all in logical (to me) place and order... now I can stop nit-piking and get building:)

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Thanks DJ!

Now if you could only tweak my memory and awareness levels;)