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Building A Drone To Live Stream Video

Hi everyone.

I am currently trying to assemble a drone to live stream video to a phone app. Right now, I am working on controlling the drone through the use of this Bluetooth modem:

I have not started programming that but I know it's possible. My main issue is knowing what parts to buy to transmit the video. How do I create a WiFi signal up on the drone, and how would I be able to send that video to a phone app (I am going to build the app).

Thanks for any help.


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Here's a possible idea that might help. EZ-Robot used to sell a WiFi camera in the online shop, but I think they have stopped selling it now, although I think I read somewhere on the forum that they are working on a new one to sell.

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If you have a look around on EBay you might still be able to find one that someone may be selling. This could be fitted to the drone and would stream video to the ARC software running on a PC/laptop/tablet. Then you could use VCN remote PC app on your Phone connected to your PC/ARC to watch the video stream.

Another way COULD be to fit an EZ-B v4 to the drone along with the EZ Robot camera which is WiFi and use a VCN app mentioned above. This way you could potentially control the drone with ARC too. But of course this would depend on the size of the drone, if it can take the aditional weight of the EZ-B and extra battery to power it, and risk having the EZ-B fall out of the air in an accident.

I think the first option is the better one for you. Hope some of this gives you some ideas. :)


The camera that EZ Robot offers with the EZB(4) controller is WiFi, the earlier EZB(3) camera was a 2.4Ghz RF camera with a dongle for the PC.

@yeah3x The Sparkfun Bluetooth modem that you show a link to is a class 2 device with a short range of about 33 feet.


Thanks for the replies.

For the camera / streaming, I would like to be able to build an app to receive the streaming video, and not use an app to remotely view a desktop, though I guess that could be an option if I do not succeed at an app.

Right now I have an Arduino Uno, and the Bluetooth modem (I thought the range was bigger but once I get it working I will upgrade to the gold option with a bigger range). I am also waiting on a KK2 flight board. If I wanted to add video streaming would a Raspberry Pi add on work? How would I go about creating a wifi signal up in the air to stream to the phone? As for controlling through Bluetooth, I have seen videos and read about it so I know it is possible, but does anyone know where to start as far as sending the Bluetooth signal to send to the Arduino / KK2?

Sorry, I am new to this but I am a senior computer engineering student so I have experience in programming and electronics. Thanks for any help.

Edit: Instead of video streaming, would sending a single image, say every 5 seconds, be feasible?

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Using a Rasberry Pi camera module could be configured to stream video to any device running a web browser so that could be an option. Here is a link that may help out a little. You could also probably use a wireless camera fixed to the drone and stream video to a device using a HTTP server (which could be a phone) and possibly incorporate this in to an app, but I can't help much more with HTTP as I have little experience with this.

I personally don't like using Bluetooth for much because of range restrictions. If it was me, I would look in to using WiFi to control the drone instead of Bluetooth, as a WiFi signal can always be extended.


I will definitely look into HTTP thanks.

I originally was looking into Bluetooth as I only need a range of approximately 50 - 100 feet to fly the quad. Does anyone know anything about ? It seems like it could be a solution.

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No problem. I would stick to HTTP if I were you, if you want good quality video streams. Using Bluetooth for video, you may experience trouble due to the lack of bandwidth so it's really not advised. Hope this helps.


Hi @yeah3x I am very insteresting in your quadcopter project, I also need one. would you tell me How is the live stream video going? how to solve it? If you have done it, pls write some diy quadcopter guide of live stream video share on here. Thx! I think Bluetooth modem is a good idea but the range would be too short. Now some cameras have live stream function, which one were you used ?

:):) :)