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Bug Discovered In Sound Board (Pc)

I've found a possible bug with the Sound Board (pc). As you know you can use .wav or .mp3 files in a sound board. I have two issues:

1.) By default the file selection is set to .wav, but the file list of any given folder will show both .wav and .mp3. It appears that only when selecting .mp3 in the drop down is the scope narrowed to .mp3. Likewise if you select .wav after selecting .mp3 then you see only .wav files. Suggestion: If this is by design you may want to add a 3rd drop item "All" and set that as the default.

2.) More significant, any .mp3 file I add to a Sound Board (pc) is played at a faster rate of speed producing the sound effect of Alvin and Chipmunks. I've tested this with numerous .mp3 sound files when played via Sound Board in ARC they are played at a faster rate. In other media player apps the same files are played at normal speed.

For me its not a big deal. I can convert my .mp3 files to .wav at which point the Sound Board (pc) plays them correctly. I just wanted to share my findings.


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