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Bt Failsafe


I am working on a Droid and plan to use a ezb4 WiFi’d with a tablet for control. I’ll have the drive motors running through a DE Sabertooth controller. I plan to use a BT controller connected to the tablet for remote operation (Wii or similar).

I have a specific question about failsafe using a BT controller. I am aware that I can configure the Sabertooth to stop if the WiFi drops. I am unsure of what happens if the BT drops between the remote and the tablet. Is there a way to ensure a failsafe condition (drive motors stop) in the event this happens? The worst case scenario is BT drops when the droid is moving and holds last commanded instruction.

Thanks in advance. -Audax


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By "Tablet", are you referring to iOS or Android? If so...

I don't have any experience connecting an external controller to a mobile Android or iOS tablet via bluetooth. You may wish to research google for your development solution for the custom app that you'd be building. The native ARC app does not support external controllers via bluetooth. I recommend that you use the ezrobot UWP or Mono library (available in this website's Software section) combined with Xamarin for your app development.

However, if your tablet is Windows based using ARC, i can help with some solutions... specifically a plugin i'm thinking that can monitor the BT device status and run a script if disconnected.