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Brookstone Rover + Ez-B V4

Has anyone purchased the EZ-B v4 with the intention of using it with a Brookstone Rover II. I was told by EZ Robot if I buy the EZ-B i'll be able to remotely log into the rover from anywhere, but after waiting a year for the piece to finally arrive, I have no idea what to do with it. No instructions, just a plastic cube.

I'm a novice to this robotics so could anyone give me some starting tips or direct me to the right forum. Thanks.

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You connect to the Rover's WiFi with the PC which is running ARC, the EZ-B is not required for this step.

Having said that, the EZ-B also connects via WiFi and with only one WiFi NIC you can't connect to both at the same time. The EZ-B V3 used Bluetooth which didn't have this problem to overcome.

The Brookstone Rover II wasn't supported, an update may have changed this as I know DJ was working on it or at least had it on his list.

Give the forums a search and see what you can find out about the Rover II. Search Results.