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You don't. Brookstone Rover v1 support was broken when DJ tried to add support for v2. Neither works currently, and it is a low priority while features that support EZ-Robot's own products are worked in.

If I had one, I would buy an EZ-B, Camera, and H-bridge and gut the rover internals and replace them rather that waiting.



@SM This is the second time you have asked.... See here... Brookstone rover support

.... By the way, you have a habit of asking the same question more than once.... You did the same when asking if the ezb had a built in Mic....


@Alan, he asked the same question 2 weeks ago (see my above reply)... @SM has a habit of asking the same questions more than once... Curious, does SM stand for short memory by any chance LOL... :P


for some reason i cant find the brookstone rover wifi in my wifi list


@SM I would contact Brookstone for support then.... Or google and find out if there are any user groups you can get support from...


will the issue be resolved in the next version of ARC?