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Asked — Edited

Brookstone Rover

what version of the brookstone rover can u connect to ez builder?


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@SM None currently.... The only thing you might try is get a hold of a old copy of ARC that last supported it....
what version last supported it?
@RR I believe the latest version of ARC actually supports Brookstone rover version 1 and 2. The video for the v2 is just not supported from what I understand.

The control is under "Third Party Robots".
So DJ was able to add support back? Awesome.... I thought support for both had been broken....
He just recently said he has not fixed it yet. I would think he would have mentioned it in the release notes if fixed

Jeremie, Rover support for both v1 and 2 has been broken since DJ tried to add support for the v2. I think you are confusing it with AR Drone v1 and v2 which did have an issue with the v2 camera but which now works perfectly.

My bad, I didn't realize it was broken. Memory didn't serve me right this time:(
Darn memory!


My bad, I didn't realize it was broken. Memory didn't serve me right this time Frown
Darn memory!

Happens to me all the time. Of course with me it is a malady called A.G.E. Used to have an eidetic memory. Not quite what it used to be.

Any news on V1 support of the Brookstone Rover? Just got one but can't connect it to EZ-Robot at all.