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Bots Brains & Brackets

Hi everyone, i am almost ready to begin building my first robot, just waiting for the last key components to arrive, mainly servos and some cables.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Once i start building you'll hardly see me.;)


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Hi again, i had to edit this for i had a re-direction for my first project.

I realized after buying many servos that they were simply too large, so they will be used for a larger robot which i building now, so i need to find some good micro sized servos for that one.

Im still waiting for the rest of the servos to arrive so i can start...can't wait...

So today i had this arrive to me from Greece. I haven't been able to find another one like it, its 1990's, called an acrobatic robot, but i dont know the brand name.
User-inserted image

Its eyes, chest and top of head light up, i think it has huge potential, its almost 16" tall, and in excellent condition, so this one will be my 3rd project i think.

Has anyone seen these before? Theres so much room in it for an ezb4, camera and sensors.
Going to be a great robot to give a new life to. : )
All settled in for the rest of the winter :)
User-inserted image

Time for a strip down and....the picture above tells whats happening next.;)

User-inserted image

yes thats the one i mean.have fun building.
i saw you have a little robi.i found this pic for you,look at the colors.

User-inserted image
That little Robi is supposed to be a companion robot for my GF...but i'm not sure i'll be able to do the programming on it for he has to speak a different language..i bit off more than i could chew with that one.

I don't see much in the way of colors, apart from red, black and the chrome..

I like the factory colors of Robi, there's no way i would paint him.
i had a robi.what i found out is that the coting of the wires is too soft.
you can strip them whit your nails.but its an easy fix.put some transparent tape on.
the wires.but i burn out a servo before i found out.
you can do this whit ez robot too.

look at 7.00 min

oh really?if you want i can send it to you.
Do you know the name of the video in english?

Actually whats the video about, you said it can be done with ez robot?
User-inserted image

I looked for the video but its not allowed in my country sadly, but there's a simple way around that..but i found the link to the news about it, they might release that as an add-on if they have enough requests...pretty cool add on.
Just using this thread to say a quick good bye to you all.

Taking a short quick break, basically taking a step back and a re-evaluate, so i wish you all the best with your current projects.

Take care everyone.

its good to take some time of ones in a while.hope we see you again sometime.

take care
Had my first robot rescue and repair moment week this week.:P

Had a 17yr old Tomy robot dog arrive earlier this week which had been sitting inside of a storage container in Canada for quite some time.
User-inserted image

Looked in great condition, but of course it wasn't working which i first thought to simply be a dead battery, but after installing a new battery he still didn't want to work.

So i had to open him up, and discovered that a certain wire was not feeding him the puppy power he needed.:P

Seeing the head move after applying some power in a test i knew the operation was going to be a success, so a new wire replaced the damaged one, and the very dead original Tomy 6v Nicd 600mah battery has been replaced with a 6v Nimh 2200mah battery, so run time from around a little over an hour to 4hrs now.;)
User-inserted image

If you leave him he goes to sleep, can leave him all night and when you pat him on the head the next day he comes to life again.

Anyway was fun to bring something to life after it had been neglected for so many years.:D
User-inserted image

Puppylove video :P
Love the video! Cool music. Thanks for caring enough to rescue a robot. :)