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Body Frame &Amp; Head Change On: Ez-Robot Jd

Hi all & DJ Spent a good amount of time researching what Robot to purchase, choices were;

  1. NAO
  2. Robi
  3. DarWin
  4. EZ-Robot JD
  5. Pepper

Happy to announce my choice was EZ-Robot JD!:-) Now; we will be working with children who have extream hypersensitivity & ADHD, teaching them how to make apps & run JD. Using JD with children who have disabilities will increase their patience, focus along with enlighten their minds for the future of robotics.

Question: some of the kids with major hypersensitivity have issues with seeing a robot that (in other words) shows the gears guts & wires, just too creepy for a few of them so; Making plans to upgrade JD with a silicone body frame along with take apart JD head and add its components to a ROBI Robot head & place on JD..... In theory this sounds very cool and exciting, now would there be any issues in doing this upgrade to JD?

Thank You for your time!:-) Drew Northern Michigan USA


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Hi Drew - that's awesome! I and many others on the forum would enjoy hearing updates throughout your work in that area. I do not see any major issues with a cover for JD. We had wrapped JD in a bear costume once. The bear costume was a little thick material and required new actions to be created to make him move, but other than that it was fine. There should not be any heat issues with the servos when they are covered, because there are no vents.

There is also the Baby Nao head made by Adolph here:


DJ Thank You very much for the reply:-). Will Keep you all posted on this upgrade. Have a great day! Drew...


Here's a JD that i built with the NAO head to see what it looks like:


DJ, wow that is really cool! Looks cooler than the many many parts of the ROBI head!:-) Drew:-)