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Bluetootooth My Roomba

Hello DJ just a quick question I need to hook up my EZ B to the roomba on this picture I'm putting up can you tell me were the black and white wire is soldered to Thank you

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Well that dosen't seem to work. Do a search on this board for "Roomba diagram". That should get you there.
On the top menu of the website is a Tutorial tab. If you select that, there will be a sub-menu for Hardware. Under that will be a list of supported hardware. Or at least, documented hardware:) . iRobot Roomba is listed with the link already provided:)
Hello robot world i have hooked up the roomba he works sort of the tones work he powers off but he will not go forward he just goes in a circle both ways and my remote works on him as well does anyone know what i did wrong?
Sorry to bother everyone but i got the Roomba working the way it should work i had to switch it to the old protocol!