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Bluetooth Range

Hi DJSures,
I have ordered EZB and eagerly waiting for it. I am planning on creating something like your Omnibot. Since you have been using it extensively could you please give me an idea of the range of Bluetooth communication? i.e. how far does the Omnibot goes before losing comm with the laptop. I am assuming Omnibot is an indoor bot where it encounters doors, dry walls, furniture, people etc. so I understand you cannot give a fixed distance but any approximate idea would be great *blush*

Also, what does happen when your board/robot loses comm with the laptop running the code? Is there any way to limit its range so that it stays inside the comm boundary? maybe read the signal strength and prevent it from going forward!?!?



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Hey Arun!

There is no signal strength on Bluetooth. My omnibot is mostly indoors, but he's outdoors as well. Yesterday he was on the patio at the hotel here in Carmel playing with a kid.

I have experienced up to 50 meters with clear sight. You could hold a degree and distance variable and virtually determine distance from a home base as the omnibot drives. If he is picked up and replaced in a new location, that would knock off his calibration though.

Another option is to have an IR boundary (like roomba works with virtual walls). With a very simple circuit, you could detect IR and backup when found.

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