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United Kingdom
Thanks Rich
Just noticed the one I queried is bluetooth ver 2
as I use ver 1 dongle on one pc best to stay with that
United Kingdom
Just to throw all the details out there, since I have the mdule off the board at the moment.

It's a JY-MCU BT_Board V1.05 4 pin bluetooth ttl module
Thanks for the mention Rich. The Class 1 Bluetooth that has 6 pins of which the center 4 will mate up with the EZB(V3) can be ordered from Sparkfun.com Here is the URL Link

You will also need to order a male header strip so that you can solder it to the 4 center pin connections. Then you can plug it directly into your EZB(V3)

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Thanks Robot-doc & Rich
Would like to use class 1 Bluetooth but in this case it will have to be the cheaper option