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Bluetooth Antenna

hi all
is the BT antenna in this store differant to ones i can buy on the street
coz i've bought a few now and still can't get connected
i've reformated, re pared, replaced chip (thanks DJ)
got new rechargable batteries still no luck.
i've had my ezb since may and tried all i know
except ez robots bt antenna
ps i follow the communtiy avidly
you're such helpful people
and DJ is so dedicated:)


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United Kingdom
Hi bborastero are you still having a problem since may gosh. Remind me are you using a MAC with a windows emulator?
no mate windows xp home ed
and windows bt stack *tired*
United Kingdom
Upgraded Firmware?

Or can't you get that far?
no i can't get to upgrade it give this msg

Attempting connection to COM3
Comm Err: The operation has timed out.
BbytesToExpect: 1

Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding
at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String portName)
United Kingdom
1) Does the board LED light slowly blink?
2) You can add the EZ-B as a Bluetooth device and enter a pairing code?
1)board LED is blinking twice per second
BT LED blinks faster but when i click connect it goes solid for 3 seconds ish then carrys on blining
2) yes paired as linvor with code 1234
United Kingdom
Well its obviously trying do you have any other Bluetooth devices connected or something that maybe has a clash on your com port 3

Probably worth also going through the connection tutorial
no i removed phone and re-paired ezb nothing else is in bt
United Kingdom
If you want and you have skype look me up and give me a call neil winstanley, st albans

I'm off to bed now but keep trying I'm around thursday
thanks i'll do that. bizzy this week i work for local tv comp (GBC) and we got our national day coverage
on monday so lots to do. catch it on line if you can it's a huge day here
thanks Ben