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This is gonna sound silly but I've had to reinstall windows and I've forgot what the Bluetooth keycode is. I never changed can someone advise?


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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Oh now I feel even stupider. Thanks again Rich your a start
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There aren't any stupid questions in this community:)
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We have all been there, and with BT pins it's often one of a few defaults (0000, 1234, 3333, 4444, 6666 or 5678) so it's not as obvious as you may have thought.

As Neil said, there are no stupid questions:) We are all here to help basic or advanced problems/questions etc.
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Cheers guys. I've said it before and ill say it again. This has to be the best community I've ever been involved in. Thanks. Incidentally is there a way to make it connect via USB on Ubuntu? Thinking of moving to Linux
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Connection via USB yes. Change the BT module on the EZ-B for a USB TTL one. A simple swap.

Connecting to Ubuntu, you will need to use the SDK, there is no simple solution since ARC is Windows only. There has been success with Linux on the OpenBot though (search openbot in the forum).
or make a virtual machine to host windows in linux
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I've never seen the advantage of changing from Windows to Linux only to run a virtual machine with Windows to run a Windows application on a machine that was originally running said application within Windows...:P
Just to share my experiences. I've had VMs on Windows that run Linux great. I've never tried Linux VM to Windows but at school we're using a VM on Windows to run a different version of windows and it's "iffy". One day things will work fine, the next day things will crash all the time, and other days you have to use the "run as Administrator" option to get things to work right.

That being said, I'm no Linux expert but I do enjoy fumbling about with it and have also thought about making the move, it's just not a realistic option FOR ME. I would suggest either getting a Win machine for the EZ (I picked up a used laptop a few weeks ago primarily for EZB and related things) or get a second machine to put Linux onto. I have a machine lent out to some friends and those are my plans for it when it comes home.

My $.02. Keep the change;)
United Kingdom
There are reasons why Jarvis spans across 3 PCs (2 x Ubuntu 1x Windows 7). If something is made for Windows it'll run best on Windows. If something's made for Ubuntu/Debian/Whatever then it will run best on there.
I recommend using Ubuntu on a virtual Machine and keep window as it is.