Bing Speech With Arabic Language

Dear @rickymahk2013 custom chatgpt does not work

only paid token plan will work it cannot speaks Arabic language any Arabic response will stop the conversation


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DJ Sures Dear@DJ Sures Currently, it works through only custom chatgpt does not work  i have question about $BingSpeech Would you be able to add the Arabic language? I'm trying to use it for an education robot

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Dear @M.AAL, I think this issue is based on a Microsoft and OpenAI multilingual database problem. I hope the Synthiam team can resolve it for you!

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The supported language is by the provider and cannot be modified by Synthiam. In this case, it is Microsoft or Open AI. It is impossible to add new languages if they are not supported.


We moved your comment into a new question because it is about Bing Speech Recognition and not Open AI GPT. Use this thread going forward for related questions about bing speech.