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Bing, Cognitive Emotion And Vision Update

FYI, the Bing Speech, Cognitive Emotion and Cognitive Vision plugins no longer save the API Key and End Point with the project. They are now saved local to your installation. This means if you distribute a project, the keys are not included with the project.


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Oh, and API.AI

BTW, these are the first plugins to be updated from flying over the mountains - kinda cool :D

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Thank you for the update! That must have been hard to focus with such a great view! :D

But speaking of API keys, I need to save one in the same way you do for the Bing Speech. Considering that the tutorials ask for Project-only configuration files, do you have any recommendation?

Thanks. Gilvan


API keys are machine specific - NOT project specific


does anyone know if Microsoft has changed their policy or the way they manage the cognitive services API keys ?

just logged into my subscriptions and noticed my keys now have 28 days remaining, don't remember ever seeing an expiration on them before


Microsoft changed some stuff. Not sure if they're focusing on accommodating hobbyists or education anymore. Their new model looks like it's designed for enterprise only.


I think the "regular" Microsoft subscription only gives you a 30 days trial. The Azure subscription still seems to give you the 5000 monthly transactions limit, but you gotta use your credit card and all (although they say you won't be charged if you don't exceed the limit). But I think they are still remodeling that, so it's still pretty confusing.