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Bi-Color 8X8 Matrix

just received a pair of i2c Bi-Color 8x8 Matrix from Adafruit I've got them working fine but in bi-colour (green) just wondered if anyone knows how to get the single colours (red or yellow) working on their own


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anyone got an input please even if it's negative :(


Sorry, didn't see this post. The bicolor isn't supported with a control at the moment. We are developing a larger 8x8 rgb display of our own that supports a million colors per led. That's taking our time, as well as a bunch of other sensors and addons that you will see this week.

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I can add bi color support for that module one day when there's more time. I've added it to the list. Challenge at the moment is that I do not have one to test with, and lack of time :)


thanks DJ I know you are all very busy, can't wait to see your 8X8 and that todo list must be getting really long :D