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Battery Coupon 10% Off And Free Shipping Ecomelectronics.Com

This is a simple coupon from which sells batteries the original sizes for Omnibot 5402 and Omnibot 2000 And standard 12v 7ah or 12v 9ah SLA gel cell non spill able batteries used in all kinds of robots. I am in no way affiliated with this company but I've made three happy purchases and wanted to spread the savings. In the USA they have offered free USPS shipping for orders of two batteries or more lately as well.

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Twice I have purchased two 12v 9ah ,6 pound, sealed non spill-able, gel cell lead acid batteries for 19.99 w free shipping and 10% off

Twice I have ordered ub645 6v 4ah lead acid sealed batteries 2 for 12 dollars w free shipping

Prices and experience may vary but these are the cheapest guys I found for new name brand batteries.