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hi DJ Sures i asked a question from facebook you told me to ask here again so i
hi i saw your heavy duty robot i was wondering what is your charger for the Power-Sonic 12V/35AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery and when connecting battery to the ez kit you don't need to use anything else right (except alternate power adapter:-)


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hello dude

To charge a battery, you need to provide as much DC voltage as the battery. For example, if the battery is 12 volts, you need to provide at least 12 volts.

The amperage is how long the charge will take. For example, if the battery is 4 amps and you provide 1 amp, the charger will take 4 hours.

If you have a 12 Volt and 35 Amp battery, it will take 35 hours if you provide 12volts and 1 Amp of current. Which is what I am using (12volts, 1 amp DC power transformer)

I use DC Wall outlets - which you can find in a variety of voltages and amps.
New Zealand
Thanks for asking Metealp97... had this in the back of my mind to ask too.... I appreciate your taking the time to repost & DJ Sures to teach.