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Balance Charger Question

Hey all. The green light on my balance charger is always on. I thought that it should be off when not connected to a battery. It seems to charge my battery but I unplug it after a few hours because I'm not positive the green light will go off when it should. Anyone have any info on this? Is my charger possibly bad or is it not really a big deal? Thanks in advance.


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The green light remains on until the battery is fully charged and balanced.

Mine takes a couple of hours charging for the green light to go out sometimes. In theory it should be around 1 hour 15 minutes but I guess the last part is balancing the cells or something.

If your charger was bad it probably wouldn't work at all.

Next time you charge it, if the light is still on after a couple of hours you can check each cell's voltage with a multimeter and see how balanced and how charged each is. The cells are in series so pin 1 and pin 2 are one cell's +ve and -ve and pins 2 and pin 3 are the other cells +ve and -ve. Each should read around the same voltage and after a full charge this should be around 4.20v


Thanks Rich, I'll break out the multimeter and check the cells later. I guess I sould mention that from the very first time I plugged the charger in, before connecting it to a battery ever, the green light was on. I later read that it should probably not be so I just wanted to be sure if it were an issue.

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In that case, the charger is playing up. It should only have a red light on it when it's plugged in but not connected to the battery.


Both cells at 4.16:) I guess I just wanted to be safer than sorry. I still think I'm going to order an new charger but it's good to know things seem to be all good for now. Thanks again Rich.