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BV4113 Motor Controller

User-inserted image

This is an EZ-Robot Certified Economy Motor Controller. It is capable of 1.5 Amps (5 Watts) between 5 and 12 volts DC. This convenient motor controller connects to the EZ-B by a single cable.

The cable to the EZ-B provides +5, GND and Signal for the Motor Controller Communication

The other connections are for your motors and motor power.

* The IC will get very hot if your motors are drawing too much current. Consider adding a heat sink to the top of the chip: DigiKey Heat Sink

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Will this work with these kinds of motors?

User-inserted image

They only have a positive and negative.

I think I may be a little confused. I see the positive and negative for each motor on the board, then what is the "motor power" Or does that go to the ezb to for power?
Look at the photo, see motor 1 + and motor 1 -? Those are positive and negative.

+ means positive
- means negative


Motor power is the power for the motor. You can't power a motor off the ez-b. It's in the manual.
What happened to the photos of the BV4113 Motor Controller in the first post? Any way to get them back? *confused* I wanted to check something.