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Avg Update Corrupting Ez Builder Windows 10

During the night,AVG virus protection did an update secretly on Laptop windows 10 and this update put EZ builder.Exe into virus jail! Took me hours to figure out why it loads but then refuse to connect to EZB! so I tried my cell phone app Android and no problems then I tried my desktop PC with no problems ...but suddenly desktop AVG started an update and I caught it trying to say EZ Builder.EXE looks like a rare harmful file and needs to be submitted to the AVG Labs for 24 hour Analysis to prove it is safe?LOL! I shut that rainbow AVG down and stopped it from screwing up my desktop EZ software! Went back to my Laptop and shut down AVG and Bingo EZ Builder connected back to my robot! :D


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I think you need to stop chasing ghosts...

They will come back attached to your robot, get into your PC, and start corrupting your stuff, or they will start inviting their friends to play with your stuff...
next time you start the computer and windows will be gone!

Don't engage with the invisible side...:)

btw: you need to check EZ-Robot warranty policy, please check if they cover damages by invisible forces.

I'm sorry to hijack your thread, i could not resist when i read:


did an update secretly on...



I think you need to stop chasing ghosts...
LMFAO... Now that was funny dude!...:D
Ha ya you know what, that is entirely possible, I have had my name called out from a few different places on recordings. That was supposed to be quiet. That kind of makes me want to research even more places but infecting the bot? Should I get it blessed by a priest? LOL! :D
I thought I should let people know that if they are using AVG virus protection, when they get the new update it is calling ARC.Exe a virus and they may think something is wrong with EZB.
My god i wouldn't use AVG if you paid me.:P

I always use Linux/Ubuntu, for the past 6-7 years ive never had to worry about viruses, but with my new laptop i have dual boot with windows 10, so i need to get anti virus soon. I just don't use windows unless i need to run my flight configuration.

But tempted to try Raspberry Pi with Ez-robot on another project so i can use Linux. I know Linux will be powerful to run it, will be interesting to see.
Wow trying Ubuntu now! I was given a free Laptop but no hard drive in it. It had the Ubuntu DVD and it actually loaded up with no Hard drive! It asked if I wanted to try before installing and it's all working,no hard drive,amazing! on it now,will now install, love it! I will try to install on a USB hard drive I attached.