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Autotracking With Ip Camera

Hi all, new here..
I got my ip camera, tenvis JPT3815W working with the software,
I used manycam to get it working. All is working fine in that department, I was wondering if it's possible to control the servos inside this camera to autotrack an object.. this particular camera has a pan and tilt so it would be nice to be able to use it in conjunction with the software, the program ispy has this option so it would be great if it could be incorporated.. if anyone else has tried this it would be great.
Also looking forward to the upcoming bots..


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United Kingdom
The camera's pan/tilt is controlled by motors not servos and from experience (I have 3 of these exact models just labelled up differently) the positioning is not at all accurate.

You could use ARC to control them wirelessly by using the API of the camera, or more specifically finding out the url needed to move the camera left, right, up and down (all are easy to find as I found them on mine a while back). You can also use ARC to monitor the camera image by putting the url of the snapshot.cgi in to the camera selection box.

There are reasons I scrapped this idea myself, I was not at all satisfied with the results.

You are probably better off using iSpy to sort out your cameras, it has been made to support the JPT3815W.

If you really want to use ARC to control it look up the info for the API on google, it's all on the internet somewhere. Or use something like fiddler to sniff the command urls out.
Thanks for your reply,it was very informative, I appreciate it. I'll look into these things, I have fiddler so I'll check that out. Rich,can I ask did you actually get the motors on your ip camera to autotrack an object or yourself
United Kingdom
I gave up on it before that happened